Weekly Reflection

THIS WEEK’S REFLECTION- SACRIFICE.   Mrk.8: 34b-35.  ‘If any want to become my followers…...

…, and for the sake of the gospel, will save it.’ 

Lives lived sacrificially are at the heart of discipleship.  We can see the great value of a life dedicated to God, and the pointlessness of a life that denies the presence and teachings of Christ.  Jesus tells us that such a life is regarded as lost.  It is clear that faithfulness and obedience have a high rating as characteristics of members of the family of God.  To live sacrificially for the sake of Jesus and the gospel is to follow Christ in a more profound way – the way of the cross.  Sacrificial living recognises that only God can meet our deepest desires.  Denying our own desires and supposed needs may feel painful, but our greatest consolation as followers of Christ will come when we choose what is life-giving – loving the Lord our God and our neighbours as ourselves.

†  Like the branches of a tree, I know that my life depends on your life-giving light .  Lord, help me to make decisions today, and each day, in the light of your love, grace and peace.  Amen