Reflection for w/c 4 March

REFLECTION:- EXODUS.  Laws for living together.  

The Jews who had been slaves in Egypt knew very well what repressive laws were like.  But now they are free.  Do they need any laws to limit their freedom?  God knows human nature: we need laws to shape our freedom, so that we live securely and use our freedom responsibly.  The breakdown of law and order is disastrous for any group of people.  God’s laws are designed to inspire reverence and respect for Him and the respect for other people, both our family and our neighbours – which is essential for living in harmony.

Jesus made this need for law fundamental to His teaching, summarising the law into the two great commandments: ‘Love God with your whole being and your neighbour as yourself’ (Mrk. 12: 30-31)

† Lord, break down the barriers which separate us from one another and from you.  Teach Christians to love one another and lead us united in your cause of peace.  Amen