Blog for this Sunday, Easter 3

This week’s blog is based on the Acts of the Apostles. HEALING IN JESUS’ NAME

Peter does two things.  First, he takes the opportunity to teach the people about how the healing of the lame man happened.  For Peter, it happened through faith in the power of the name of Jesus.  “By faith in His name, His name itself has made this man strong.”  

Secondly, Peter seizes the opportunity to press the point that it had been people just like them who had sought the death of Jesus. The message everyone needs to hear is this, that they should repent, that is, turn to Christ.   And this message applies, not just to the people listening to Peter in Solomon’s Portico, but to each of us. 

LET US PRAY- In the power of the name of Jesus Christ, the risen one, we pray for forgiveness and new life.