Blog for this Sunday, Easter 4

A reflection on Psalm 23. LOVE FROM CRADLE TO GRAVE.   If and when David wrote this psalm he was meditating on the nature of the eternal God.  When Jesus said, ‘I am the good shepherd’ (Jn.10:11) He was expressing His role as the image of God in the flesh.  In some churches, today is celebrated as Mothering Sunday, a day to think about and thank mothers for their unique role. God is mother and father of us all.  Think how parents act like shepherds; looking after their children, guiding them, planning ahead for them, being there for them, being there for them, providing home, food, education and so on, all free.  v4 reads: Even though I walk through the darkest valley, you are with me.   Most people don’t like to walk in the dark for whatever the reason, we are afraid.  What is it about the dark frightens us, the unknown maybe?  But when we are confident that God is walking with us, we feel His comfort, he invites us to the table that is all prepared for us, and invites us to live with Him for ever.  No fear in His presence, just abundant love and comfort more than we need: our cup runneth over.