Jesus and Baptism

Why does Jesus have to be baptised?  

Surely there is no need for Jesus to be baptised?  He’s completely special, after all.  He’s not a sinner.  And John the Baptist agrees!  He can hardly believe that Jesus, the one who will baptise with the Holy Spirit and with fire, is actually coming to him for baptism

There are lots of possible answers to this question.  One is, that Jesus is one of us and, in baptism, he’s standing alongside us, alongside all sinners, alongside every one of us. 

Another possible answer is that he is baptised in order to purify the water of baptism, to bless it and make it holy for us.

And yet another possible answer is that Jesus is showing us how special and important baptism really is.  For it’s the time when God tells us that we too are his children, his beloved and that he is well pleased with us.  The Holy Spirit descends on us too, as it did on Jesus, and empowers us.

Perhaps all these answers are right!  Through his baptism, Jesus is telling us something about the great love that our God who is father, son and holy spirit has for each one of us.

It doesn’t get much better than that!