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Young People’s Talent Show

St James’ Church Talent  Show & Concert for young people - Sunday 6th  May  2018

We’re hosting  a Talent  Show & Concert on Sunday 6th

Please come and join us!  It’s a great opportunity for young people to showcase their skills and talents within a friendly environment


All genres in music  -  classical,  gospel,  jazz  and  pop - welcome

Non-musical Performing Arts talents  also  welcome - reading poems,  storytelling  and  short  comedy acts 


Rehearsal sessions are every Sunday  at 12noon, after  the  10am  Holy  Eucharist, and will last about 1.5hrs

Starting on Sunday 8th April 2018


Please contact  Derek  Vincent  on  079 8395 6703 for further information. 

All  Tutors  are  DBS checked. 


Each  participant  gets  1  free  ticket  and  can  purchase  more  if  desired