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The Revd Preb Rosemia Brown

St James' Vicarage, 134 Rushmore Road, London, E5 0EY

t: 02089851750 e:

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20, Meynell Crescent,
London E9 7AS
t: 020 8 986 0601

MRS AGNES MBONU --- LICENSED LAY MINISTER (READER) 94 Mayola Road, London, E5 0RQ t: 02085335933 e:

MRS SYLVIA CUMMINGS --- LICENSED LAY MINISTER (READER) 4 Alfearn Road, London, E5 0SE t: 02089868762

MRS LORNA DODZO --- COMMISSIONED PASTORAL ASSISTANT 59 Mother's Square, Sladen Place, London, E5 8TU t: 02085100618

MRS MONIQUE FULLAH --- COMMISSIONED PASTORAL ASSISTANT 10 Seaton Point, Nolan Way, London, E5 8PY t: 02089866994

PCC and Staff

Secretary:  Ms. Lydia Goodwin
Treasurer:  Mr. Burnett Brown
Electoral Roll: Mrs. Connie Karema
Children's Champion:  Ms. Tulip Charles
Safeguarding Officer/DBS Checker:  Ms. Barbara (Babs) Scott-Wollaston
Gift Aid: Ms. Caroline Adisa
Stewardship:  Mrs. Jeanie Cornelius
Prayer group leaders: Mrs. Abigail Esimai/Dorcas Lee
Deanery Synod Reps: Mrs. Abigail Esimai/ Mrs Lorna Dodzo
Organist: Mr. Derek Vincent
Junior Church leaders:  Mrs. Abigail Esimai, Michael Blanchard
London Community Credit Union: Rev. Rosémia Brown, Ms.Babs Scott-Wollaston.
Ma-Hu (feed the hungry project) co-ordinator: Mr. Burnett Brown
Pond Neighbourhood Committee member: Rev Rosémia Brown
Committee Member of Council of Christians and Jews: Mr. Burnett Brown & Rev. Rosémia Brown